Monday, 26 August 2013

Apple Tests 64bit Processor for iPhone 5S

Apple reportedly tests A7 chip for the iPhone 5S. Although it is still a dual core processor, but the performance is claimed to be faster because it supports 64bit architecture.

With the latest processors, it is believed that the iPhone 5S will be smooth to handle a variety of applications that require high performance, total performance is increased by 31% compared to the A6 chip in the iPhone 5. Power consumption can also be reduced because it is still using dual core.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo predictions, as market analyst, 64bit processor
trend utilization is already popular. And if it is not on the A6 chip, then Apple will include technology in the 64bit chip A7.

Initially, products that use this new chip is expected to be available in 2014. But the iPhone 5S itself strongly suspected to be introduced on October 2013 by Apple.

In addition to using the new processor, the iPhone 5S is also rumored to have a special sensor to detect a movement, it is not certain what the advantages of using this sensor.

As quoted from 9to5mac, Monday (26/08/2013), in addition to improvement in the hood, the iPhone 5S also allegedly using a better camera lens. This is done to support the recording feature slow motion 120 FPS on the phone.

Friday, 31 May 2013

Samsung Introduces Galaxy S4 Mini on June 20th

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has a feature screen 4.3 "qHD Super AMOLED. Armed by 400 Snapdragon processor 1.7 GHz dual-core processor, 1.5GB of RAM, and 8GB of internal memory. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has 2 versions, namely LTE and 3G version. The camera on the back of a powerful 8 megapixel while the front camera is 1.9 megapixels. This smartphone runs on the Android operating system 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with Nature Touch Wiz UX interface. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini to be launched on June 20, 2013 in the London.
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini favored in terms of camera quality High Definition (HD). Special feature called Sound & Shot can record sound along with the picture being taken. Additionally Panorama Shot can make users take pictures around in full. Travel apps on the Samsung Galaxy S Mini S4 will be the assistant and provide travel information on the go. Story album in smartphone functionality will allow us to organize photos with beautiful photographs taken which will be stored in accordance with the time line, geo-tagging, and fit an existing album or event.
Samsung GALAXY mini S4 can make users to share and build a real relationship. This smartphone users can listen to music as well as play games with friends online using Group Play feature. Chatting with friends, add animation, video, and sound into a message using ChatON application.
The GALAXYS4 Mini also comes with S Translator, which is fairly comprehensive international dictionary. This dictionary provides translations in the form of text or voice and can be sent via email or sms. Users can also control the TV using the remote WatchON features. This WatchON features a mini S4 Galaxy smartphone into a small remote in our house. Certainly must use the SmartTV.
The GALAXY S4 Mini equip users with medical devices. S Health application can monitor and balance caloric needs and health conditions. With additional tools such as S Health accessory, users can calculate how many steps performed per day, monitor sleep patterns, calculate the weight, and heart rate monitor. To maintain eye health and protects the user's ear, Display and Adapt Adapt features Sound provided by Samsung in this smatphone. Display Adapt to adjust the screen brightness level that is safe for the eyes, and Adapt Sound to adjust the volume level that does not damage the ear

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Ex-CEO of BlackBerry Sell Entire Shares

Former CEO of BlackBerry, Jim Balsillie, sold all his owned shares in the company in accordance with prevailing regulations. Following this announcement, the BlackBerry's share price tumbled on Thursday (02/14/2013).

In 2012, Balsillie was one of the largest individual shareholder in the BlackBerry, when the company was still called Research In Motion (RIM), with 26.8 million shares or equivalent to 5 percent of the shares.

But now, Balsillie did not own shares in the BlackBerry. He sold all of the shares at the end of 2012. In fact, the Canadian company has just released the BlackBerry mobile operating systems 10th.

BlackBerry's share price fell 3.4 percent to 13.52 U.S. dollars per share at the close of trading on the Nasdaq, the United States, yesterday. While on the Toronto Stock Exchange, Canada, BlackBerry shares fell 3.5 percent to 13.51 Canadian dollars per share.

Duet Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis as chief executive and chairman, is under pressure from investors since the end of 2011 because they are no longer competent to make significant changes in the corporate. Both heartened resign.

Lazaridis who incidentally was the founder of the BlackBerry, currently has 29.9 million shares of the company.

Starting January 22, 2012, the position of CEO of RIM fell to a German national named Thorsten Heins, previously served as Chief Operating Officer (COO) in the BlackBerry.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

U.S. Officials Arrest Internet Virus Spreader Suspect

U.S. prosecutors said the suspects wore status in five people who allegedly created and then spread the virus that has infected millions of computers around the world.

According to prosecutor named Gozi virus was used to access banking information and steal money worth millions of dollars between the years 2005-2011.

The suspects included a Russian national, Latvia and Romania are accused of running the operation 'network of modern bank robbery, no weapon or mask'.

All three are 20 years old and is now languishing in a holding cell.

Nikita Kuzmin, Russian citizens 25 years, pleaded guilty to various charges imposed on Mae 2011, the Attorney General said the U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara told a news conference in New York, Wednesday (23/1) local time.

While the two other suspects, Ionut Mihai Paunescu, 28, Romania and Deniss Calovskis nationality, 27 years old, from Latvia, litigation is ongoing.

According to the investigation which still continues in the U.S., these unlawful operations originated from Europe and then spread to the U.S., where even 190 computers belonging to the U.S. National Space Agency NASA also participated infected.

According to Kuzmin and his fellow officers, who were given the name calling and the Miami-Virus successfully made at least 50 million U.S. dollars of illegal funds from the use of the spread of viruses.

"This case should be a warning to banks and consumers for Internet crime remains to be one of the threats we face, we will not be able to finish in a short time," said Attorney General Bharara.

He also said work with a number of European countries including the UK, in an effort to keep track of criminal groups as well as the financial impact has not been revealed.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Apple Map Fails, iOS Boss Resigns

Two Apple senior executives will resign from the iPhone and iPad company manufacturers. The announcement was submitted officially by Apple along with major changes in their management.

Two high-ranking Apple executives are Scott Forstall, head of iOS applications, and retail chief John Browett.

As quoted from the BBC, the announcement was made following the resignation of embarrassing problems that occur in the new digital map software, Apple Maps, and a disappointing quarterly report.

For information, Apple has launched a new operating system iOS6, with features such as maps that can be used as a satellite navigation.

Unlike previous versions of iOS, iOS6 did not include Google Maps and Apple chose to make your own map application. However, Apple Maps is considered not as accurate as Google maps.

Apple faces criticism after the new map software released last month showed inaccuracies and errors put cities.

The case that led to Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, to apologize to the consument and a number of criticisms also directed to Forstall who is behind the making of the application bigwigs Apple Maps.

Position Forstall, Apple is actually very important. He is one of Apple's top brass is believed to be one of the advisors CEO of Apple, Tim Cook. Forstall who had joined Apple in 1997 could be called a par with Apple products designer Jonathan Ive.

As quoted by Reuters, Forstall addition to being responsible for the failure of Apple Maps, it is also considered to have failed to develop the voice assistant app Siri.

Forstall will leave Apple in 2013 and for a while he would be an advisor Tim Cook. While John Browett would immediately resign.

Browett pulled Apple from British electronics company, Dixons, six months ago. He was in charge of reducing staff in stores owned by Apple.

Efforts to find a replacement Browett has been done, and the time the stores will submit a report directly to Tim Cook.

Friday, 26 October 2012

China Blocks New York Times Website

The New York Times said access to their sites blocked in China following the news media investigations about the family's wealth Prime Minister Wen Jiabao.
The newspaper said the blocking of the first done on their Chinese site, followed by the English version of the site. Reference link to the report published The New York Times also blocked in the micro-blog site.
In its report, the New York Times'' Wen said family members control assets worth at least 2.7 billion U.S. dollars, or around Rp 25.9 trillion''.
"Wen Jiabao Many family members, including his son, his daughter, his brother and sister-in-law, who became very rich while he was prime minister,'' according to a newspaper report.
"In many cases, their names hidden behind many layers on behalf of the partnership and investment involving friends, co-workers and business.''
The newspaper said that the government of China and Wen's family declined to comment on reports of an investigation by the recording company of the year 1992-2012.
No company in the name of Wen found or impossible'' to find from the documents, if he removes traces of any decision that may affect the company's family or if they receive preferential treatment in investment''.
Not the first
China is very sensitive to the reports of their leaders, especially related to their wealth. The growth of the wealth gap will lead to public discontent, given the many corruption scandals involving government officials.
A spokesman for the New York Times said he hoped the full access to their site will return any time soon'''' in China.
Blocking websites in China due to media bias is not the first of their leaders. In June 2012, when Bloomberg audit report investigating the prospective next president Xi Jinping, the site is also blocked in China - although the report does not indicate an error that made Xi Jinping or family.
Wen Jiabao has been prime minister for nearly 10 years. He will submit his position in a transition of power November 8.
He was known as a popular figure and state media described as a leader who cares for the life of ordinary people.

GM Tests Again Magnesium Material for Component

General Motors (GM) is currently testing the thermal process of magnesium sheet metal that is lighter than aluminum, but has strength which is quite high. Tests performed on some components, such as the rim. If successful, this would be a benefit in terms of fuel efficiency.

GM developed a new method this time allows the material to be formed into rigid with a precision scale. Magnesium is heated to 450 degrees Celsius, then shaped as desired. The result is a panel inside the trunk lid that has a lighter weight of 1 kg of steel metal. That means 75 percent magnesium is lighter than iron, and 33 percent of aluminum.

Its strength is tested 77,000 times as much rock with the help of a robot arm, plus methods clash weighing 250 kg, and the result is quite good. Good again, the item has a weight of 1 kg lighter than steel metal used.

"Every gram reduction in weight of the vehicle was able to contribute to fuel efficiency. Even so, safety and durability also remains a concern and a priority for us," said Greg Warden, executive director of GM Global Vehicle Engineering Body.