Friday, 30 September 2011

New Fuji Xerox Printers Can Print from an iPhone

Fuji Xerox has developed Print and Scan Utility for IOS. It can be used to print and scan with the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

The product which is compatible with the application is DocuPrint CM205 f / fw. As noted in the information received Thursday (29/09/2011), the app can be used for site pages, listing addresses and photographs stored in IOS-based devices.

At the same time, Fuji Xerox introduced a new product line for the home and Small Business. Those are the DocuPrint CM205 f / fw and DocuPrint M205 f / fw.

CM205 is a series of color printers, available in two options: f, for a network ready and can fw to connect over the wireless network. While the M205 is a monochrome printer is also available in two variants of f and fw.

"Small businesses and home users want to be ahead in terms of technology with a printer that has a variety of features, and an affordable price," said James Henderson, President of Fuji Xerox Printers Channel (Asia Pacific and China).

Henderson hopes, that wishes can be fulfilled by the choice of four new laser printers from Fuji Xerox. These four multifunction printer are: print, copy, scan and fax.

Nokia Optimistic Winning with Windows Phone

Nokia still the number one mobile phone vendor in the world, but lately cannot compete in the smartphone segment. Adoption of Windows Phone 7 (WP 7) is expected to change their luck. Nokia said confidently WP 7 will return them to glory.

"In partnership, we've shown this phone. They say that the Windows Phone Nokia's first mobile phone was interesting," claims Conor Pierce, General Manager of Nokia UK.

"They say it spontaneously showing what we brought quite spectacular. And this is just the beginning," he added as quoted from Pocket Link, on Friday (09/30/2011).

What was said Pierce of course is Windows Phone Nokia mobile phone which is planned to release later this year. Pierce optimistic Nokia will reap the success that she desperately needed at a time when many bad news today hit tilted Nokia.

"My ambition is to bring Nokia back into place on the smartphone. Why do I believe in myself like this? There is an unparalleled emotional connections with consumers. For many people their first Nokia is a mobile phone. So Nokia rooted very deep," he said.

Pierce stated that people did want the Windows Phone hereinafter made ​​by Nokia. "They want to Nokia again and they knew we could do it," said Pierce.

Samsung Prepare 16 MP sensor for phones

Samsung claims to have set up a special camera sensor for mobile phones and tablet with a resolution of around 16 MP. This product will be mass produced beginning early 2012.

The image quality of the shots are not always determined by the size of the lens, but still, it is always needed in the world of photography.

Based on that, Samsung plans to mass produce an image sensor of 16 MP CMOS designed for cell phones or tablets. It is expected to further enchance the
the photo quality of two gadgets with a pocket camera.

Quoted from tomshardware, Friday (09/30/2011), the sensor glow S5K2P1 it also offers good video quality. Samsung claims can record up to 8.3 MP resolution with an average of 60 frames per second (FPS), and 16 MP at 30 FPS without any lag.

In addition to cell phones and tablet Samsung also claims the chip is suitable for a pocket camera. Therefore, the results of the drawing process for both the low light in the room.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Samsung Galaxy S III: 2 GHz Quad Core ?

Samsung is preparing the successor to Galaxy II, who was said to be introduced early 2012. The handset is most likely named Galaxy S III is touted to deliver a sophisticated specifications.

A source who claims to know about the details of the Galaxy S III divulge what kind of Android handset's specifications. If true, this handset capabilities including the most steady, even for the year 2012.

As quoted from DeviceMag, Sunday (18/09/2011), Galaxy S III is said to have a width of 4.56 inch screen with Super AMOLED technology III. Resolution of 1280x1024 and 352ppi.

Speed sector countless horrible. 2 GHz quad-core processor and 1.5 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. While battery-powered 2250 mAh.

Chances are, Galaxy S III will adopt the Android operating system Ice Cream Sandwich. He also presents a typical user interface Samsung TouchWiz is version 5.

There has been no confirmation from Samsung on the truth of any rumors, so it is quite a lot of those who feel skeptical. Reportedly, the Galaxy S III will be showcased at the International Consumer Electronic Show 2012 which took place in Barcelona

Microsoft Removes Flash in Windows 8 Tablet

Microsoft confirmed that Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) which will be presented at the Metro-screen interface of Windows 8 will not support Flash. Metro interface is optimized for the tablet device.

It seems that Microsoft is following in the footsteps of Apple. As known, which Apple is known not get along with Adobe Flash technology ban is present in its device.

The reason given was the same, Microsoft does not want the wasteful energy
Flash will undermine the battery life on Windows-based tablet device 8.

Reported by TG Daily and quoted on Sunday (09/18/2011), instead Microsoft will use the HTML5 to the browser.

However, Microsoft allows Flash 8 version for Windows PCs. Mentioned division president Steven Sinofsky Windows OS, run the plug-ins such as Flash in IE10 for the tablets are not suitable for web browsing in HTML 5 modern.

Ebay Opens Store for Developer

eBay increasingly spread its wings. Leading auction site is to build a new division to attract developers of applications and attract more merchants or sellers of goods and services.

Unlike the other business units such as PayPal and eBay GSI Commerce is working in the realm of buying and selling and servicing, the fourth business unit, X.commerce, trying to hook developers to create applications for merchants.

Applications made ​​by the developers on a site located at can be designed to work on the eBay site. It seems that eBay tried to integrate all the services he had. All applications will have the ability of PayPal payments and work with Magento, e-commerce company's new open source eBay bought last June.

The goal is clear, as reported by Reuters and quoted on Saturday (09/17/2011), the more useful applications are built by developers through X.commerce, will make more and more merchants are using the eBay marketplace, PayPal payment technology and e-commerce services GSI .

"The idea is indirectly generate more money from the PayPal eBay's main assets, the GSI and the marketplace itself," said Matthew Mengerink who had worked at eBay and now runs X.commerce.

"X.commerce are in a unique position. I do not gain control, I control the traffic," he said.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Microsoft Gives 5000 Free Windows 8 Tablet

Windows 8 is Microsoft's operating system optimized for the tablet device. Build in a conference in the United States who finished the event introductions of Windows 8, Microsoft also gives thousands of computer-free tablets.

Yes, as reported previously, Windows 8 tablets are made ​​by Samsung. A total of 5,000 units of tablets given for free to Windows developers who attended the conference.

The tablets are specifically for developers and given the name of Samsung's Windows Developer Preview PC. Specifications are fairly impressive, with Intel's dual core processor i5, 4GB of RAM and 11.6-inch Super PLS.

As reported by TechRadar and quoted on Wednesday (14/09/2011), the tablets will be used by developers to test a Windows 8 and make the application. Most likely, this tablet will not be marketed by Microsoft.

In addition to using Intel processors, Windows 8 will also be able to walk with ARM chips used by most of the tablets at the moment. Vendors such as Qualcomm and Nvidia that makes the ARM-based processor has already expressed readiness to support Windows 8.

Welcome Windows 8

Microsoft finally released the latest operating system Windows 8 in BUILD conference attended by thousands of application developers in Anaheim, California, on Tuesday (13/09/2011). President of Microsoft's Windows Division, Stefen Sinofsky said Windows 8 as the major changes since Windows 95.
"It was like a different system," Sinofsky said that previously had experienced lead the development of Windows 7. "Fast, flexible, fresh, and full of energy," he said. In his presentation, he explained that Windows 8 will indeed offer a new experience compared to the previous operating system that supports full-featured touch screen and can be used in all kinds of good devices and tablet PCs.
From the new view, the operating system presents a fresh menu like Windows Phone 7. The first screen presents a collection of information directly from the applications in use and the menus are arranged neatly with a design called the Metro. From the start menu, its consumer can also directly access the list of friends in social networking and menus favorites sufficiently shift the screen with the touch of a finger.
This software also supports various hardware platforms. Unlike previous Windows versions that support only the x86 processor architecture, Windows 8 also supports the ARM chip that is widely used in tablet devices generally. Form of devices will be much more sleek and thin and will have a longer battery life.
Sinofsky ensure that all the software that runs on Windows 7 will also be used on Windows 8. Slightly different is the approach in terms of users to access multiple types of applications. If the previous operating system to force users always open the application one by one, on Windows 8 has inter-application collaboration began to be applied. For example through a feature that allows users to access
email information, Twitter, and social networking in one view.
Currently, Windows 8 are newly introduced to the developers because the new version of the developer preview. There is no certainty when this software will begin to be distributed to the market. Still have to go through the beta, release candidate, and release to manufacturing, before being distributed. "We make sure the quality first and it is not dependent on deadlines," says Sinofsky.
Sources: MSNBC

Friday, 9 September 2011

Apple and Samsung are Most Satisfying Consumers

Apple achieved the highest rank in the list of the most satisfying consumer smartphones. While Samsung won title at the feature phone category.

These results obtained from a survey conducted by JD Power which measures customer satisfaction with mobile based by size, screen quality, battery life and speed performance. The survey was conducted in the United States.

In the smartphone category, Apple ranked on first with a score of 839 beat the HTC which is in a second position with a score of 801. Samsung is on third by a score of 777.

As for feature phones, Samsung won the champion with a score of 718. Quoted from Cnet, on Friday (09/09/2011), LG is under Samsung with the acquisition score of 717. In third position is Sanyo.

This is the criteria phones that get the highest ranking from JD Power:

- Weight: 5 ounces or less for smartphones; 3.5 ounces for the feature phone.
- Thickness: For smartphones, less than 0.45 inch,
- Touch screen: Smartphone will get better ratings if it only has a touch screen.
- Processor: Mobile phones with a chip that could process data quickly gets more value.
- Screen: the higher rating will be obtained by the device that has high tech screen like Super AMOLED.
- Camera: To achieve a high rating, the phone must have at least a powerful 5 MP camera.

If those criterias are broken down, to traditional phone alias feature phone, the key factors that determine customer satisfaction views of performance (31%), ease of operation (24%), physical design (24%) and features (20%). As for the smartphone, it is seen from the performance (35%), ease of operation (24%), features (21%), and physical design (20%).

"It is not surprising that the highest satisfaction gained from a high-tech tools and features that are qualified," said Kirk Parsons of JD Power and Associates.


Monday, 5 September 2011

Baidu challenges Google with New Software Platform

The search engine giant of China, Baidu is now challenging on Google with the launch of a new software platform.

Baidu Yi is the name of the new software with Baidu Inc. They want to expand their mobile services and to attract more mobile users released.

Yi Baidu users can use directly from mobile phones to access services. Software is already installed on the phone with Android, Google's home-made operating system.

For Vice-President of Baidu, Jing Wang, the software in the future will also be compatible with other operating systems, though, if rejected his own version of the operating system comment.

Wang also reluctant to name the handset manufacturers that provide such software on their mobile phones to agree to install this. To be sure, the Yi Baidu is the production of gold from the treasury of the company.

Baidu itself has successfully undermined the Google stock because Google moved its Google China to Hong Kong in 2010 on the issue of censorship and piracy in China, as the Wall Street Journal quoted on Tuesday (06/09/2011).

Besides introducing a new software platform, Baidu also recently launched a new website design with additional features such as an area for downloading the application.

Dakota, Perfect BlackBerry

BlackBerry Bold 9900 commonly known as the Dakota was one of the most anticipated BlackBerry enthusiasts in the country. This phone offers a wide range of features than previous versions on Friday, with the design, operating system, which is much more powerful.

But this phone is not without obstacles, provides many types of smart phones Android iPhone, pace, to cleaning, different characteristics and features. So the BlackBerry Bold 9900 seeded?

After a first impression so tempting, but this time I'm going to find out more about this product.

Slender body

BlackBerry Bold 9900 has a thickness of 10.5 mm, which makes it very easy in a bag without interrupting the user selected. Reasearch In Motion (RIM) BlackBerry claims is the thinnest they've ever done.

The total weight of the phone is only about 130 grams, it is fairly easy to grip and comfort. Even so well with the material. The edges of the rear body is rubber so as not slippery when captured, even if the current state of sweaty palms.

Compared with the Onyx 2 phone seems to be more common, especially for the keyboard. The keyboard is more user-friendly, more gentle, more space, while maintaining typing sound from the previous series.

Issued an elegant atmosphere, with brushed metal edges around the body, even if the batteries are still in plastic, which can be opened easily.

BlackBerry Bold 9900 has 4 buttons on the right. Three of them will be used to adjust the volume up and down, and pause in the middle, and the camera button.

While on the left side there are only 3.5 mm headphone jack and USB, and to lock the screen. This situation is certainly very useful, because it is easy to reach.

After examining the entire curve of the body for BlackBerry Bold 9900, now is the time to enjoy all of this phone.

The screen and camera

BlackBerry Bold 9900 screen 2.8 "touch screen with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, large enough, but unfortunately does not support all of the BlackBerry solution.

The quality of the screen that appears on the phone still looks good. Although not yet clear compare with other phones, super-AMOLED Frills or retina, but to read e-mail or browse the product is actually very convenient. To view the video quite funny to look at this screen has a contrast ratio of the right combination.

RIM Business using 5-megapixel camera with a lens to capture, plus LED backlighting, which is capable of still images up to 2592x1944 pixels and video resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. Many other features geo-tagging, face detection, image stabilizer, autofocus.

While the picture quality is nothing special, very good on the street, but there is less noise at work in enclosed spaces. The camera phone is also quite a lot of trouble shooting with little traffic, and macros in recovery mode, so as not to be able to visible text. 

When used to capture moving images while the best result-generation BlackBerry, both in terms of resolution, or even in terms of quality. Unfortunately, the mode is stored in HD, tape format 3GP, MPEG, not better.

Performance and range

RIM is trying to enter the market with this phone. BlackBerry Bold 9900 reinforced with 1.2 GHz processor, 768 MB RAM and 8 GB of internal memory.

My experience with this phone for a few days do not have any serious problems. Good for multitasking, high-definition movies for the fun of surfing the Internet, when you open a tab there is no obstacles.

Only if these conditions continued to be used in mobile phones, batteries, hot and will be exhausted in the near future, BlackBerry Bold 9900 only lasted about 6-7 hours with the above terms.

As with normal use like surfing, chatting, social networking and e-mail, the phone until 9:00 in the closed mode with the frequency of the network 3G.

Talk about the battery mAh Blackberry Bold 9900 Li-Ion 1230 m Fat less than the previous series, which uses a 1500 mAh, the same flame with Li-Ion 1300 mAh.

If you use a smaller battery can be thin on the efforts of RIM BlackBerry, this phone is mostly used OS7 claims to create more energy efficiency. However, the processor edge is much more powerful than you need for a stronger power supply.

The result achieved by the latest technology from the company's RIM BlackBerry Bold 9900 aka Dakota is expected to compete with other smartphones that have participated.

With a price of 6 million rupiahs, this phone is, of course, with other smartphones like Samsung S Galaxy II, HTC and LG Optimus 3D sense of competition, each of whom made technical characteristics and advanced features.