Sunday, 13 November 2011

5 Reasons Adobe Stops Flash on Mobile

Adobe admitted defeated by Apple and plans to discontinue development of the mobile version of Flash. There are five reasons put forward.

As revealed by Mike Chambers, Adobe's lead developer relations, in a posting on its Web site, Adobe began focusing on HTML 5 - and this is recognized as 'motivated' by Apple.

Here are 5 reasons put forward Chambers, as quoted by Mashable, Monday (11/14/2011):

1. Flash will not achieve ubiquitous of mobile devices. Thanks to Apple who has refused to adopt this technology in the iPhone and the iPad.

2. On the other hand, HTML5 has the same ubiquitous as those offered in the desktop Flash Player.

3. Users do not consume content on mobile in the same way as on the desktop so that makes Flash less relevant in handheld devices.

4. Develop plug-ins for browsers on mobile need a lot more resources than for desktops.

5. Adobe wants to move its resources to HTML5 and stop Flash for mobile.

Adobe's decision is clearly a victory for Apple. Steve Jobs once said that Flash is not worth it anymore - that's why he was not injected in the device of Apple.

"The many things that you did via Flash will now be more useful to use HTML5 and CSS3 via directly from the browser," said Chambers.

Asus Zenbook claimed Better than MacBook Air

Asus ultrabook Zenbook is super thin. Inevitably, this laptop is sometimes compared with one other star super-thin laptop, Apple MacBook Air. Asus also boasted, Zenbook better than the MacBook Air.

"For example, with USB 3.0, data transfer rate 6 times faster than USB 2.0 on MacBook Air," claims Juliana Chen, Business Development Manager for Asus in Jakarta, Thursday (10/11/2011).

In terms of battery life, Zenbook otherwise can last up to 7 hours to browse the internet. While the MacBook Air is about 5 hours.

"In terms of pixel density and brightness of the screen, Asus Zenbook also better," said Juliana.

Ultrabook Zenbook itself is not the first that came out in the market. Acer Aspire has also released the S3. Compared to these competitors, Zenbook also claimed to be better at it.

"In terms of design that is thinner, until the battery run 3D mark score, we had better," said Juliana, boast.

Asus did look serious work on the design Zenbook. They claim it as a combination of art and technology.