Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Western Digital introduces New WD TV Live

Western Digital (WD) introduces the newest version of its wireless streaming media device WD TV Live. These devices make it easy to 'watch internet' on the television screen.

WD TV Live can connect to the internet via WiFi and ethernet cable. In theory, 802.11n connection that is used quite qualified for video content online. In practice this will depend on how well the user's Internet connection speed.

As noted in a written statement Thursday (20/10/2011), WD TV presenting liberal internet services such as YouTube, Facebook, Picasa Web Albums and others. There are also some simple games such as arcade games, cards, puzzles, quizzes and more.

WD TV Live is able to deliver content with Full HD 1080 resolution. In addition to online content, WD Live TV can also display content from USB drives, digital cameras (video and photos), storage devices in the network and from your PC or Mac.

Jim Welsh, Executive Vice President and General Manager for WD's Branded Products and Consumer Electronics groups said WD is working with online content provider for the device. He hoped that cooperation could provide an interesting experience for users.

WD TV Live is sold at a price range of USD 112.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Funny and Entertaining Siri iPhone 4S

In addition to increasing the camera function, a faster processor, and trouble-free antenna, the biggest attraction is the presence of the iPhone 4S "Siri". 

This voice assistant features is evidently able to respond with a witty answers and unexpected.The Siri is basically designed to facilitate the 4S iPhone users do more with voice commands.  

With this feature, they can send SMS for example, to find the map of their destination or to make an appointment to meet with someone without having to manually enter data. Just talking on the phone, and the Siri will serve as assistants to carry out the order the user.Interestingly, the Siri can respond naturally to the user with a phone conversation like talking with friends.  

This feature also apparently has a touch of emotion and sense of humor. In an experiment, reported Today in Tech, Wednesday (19/10/2011), Siri can respond to the questions with funny ridiculous answers.
For example, when a user asked, "Who are you?," This feature is thus answered, "Who I am is not important to you." When asked, "What are you wearing right now," Siri cranky and lazy and said, "Looks like you ask the wrong people." 

Other questions are about favorite colors, Siri confidential answered that he explained in human language. "More like the green but with more dimensions," he said. Other emotional touch to a Siri feature looks at the response questions, "I love you" that directly answered, "You like the wind flapping my wings." 

But when asked whether he was ready to get married with the consumer, selling expensive Siri as ignoring the question by saying, "Oh, sweet. Is there anything else I can help you?." Funny thing is, when a user asks, "Why am I here?" Siri responded, "I do not know, honestly I was wondering." And when the users say good night, The Siri was as surprised and teasing "Ah, this is still at five pm."

Every day, 30 Million People Play Angry Birds

Angry Birds prestige still survive and not be gone. According to Rovio, the creator of Angry Birds, many gamers who spend millions of hours per day playing this 'bird ballistic'.

Andrew Stalbow, General Manager of Rovio says Angry Birds has been downloaded 400 million times. A total of 30 million active gamers play this game every day and there are 130 million people per month who play Angry Birds.

No wonder, if the totalized time spent on all
Angry Birds gamers  reached 300 million minutes per day. In a matter of years, this is equivalent to 109.5 billion minutes, or 1.825 billion hours per year.

Reported by Mashable and quoted on Wednesday (10.19.2011), Stalbow also revealed that China became the second largest gaming market share once the fastest growth.

In response to a niche market, recently released an update Rovio Angry Birds edition of Chinese Moon Festival to attract gamers in China. In the near future, Rovio will also release an update that will introduce a Halloween
new bird edition which is still a secret.