Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Every day, 30 Million People Play Angry Birds

Angry Birds prestige still survive and not be gone. According to Rovio, the creator of Angry Birds, many gamers who spend millions of hours per day playing this 'bird ballistic'.

Andrew Stalbow, General Manager of Rovio says Angry Birds has been downloaded 400 million times. A total of 30 million active gamers play this game every day and there are 130 million people per month who play Angry Birds.

No wonder, if the totalized time spent on all
Angry Birds gamers  reached 300 million minutes per day. In a matter of years, this is equivalent to 109.5 billion minutes, or 1.825 billion hours per year.

Reported by Mashable and quoted on Wednesday (10.19.2011), Stalbow also revealed that China became the second largest gaming market share once the fastest growth.

In response to a niche market, recently released an update Rovio Angry Birds edition of Chinese Moon Festival to attract gamers in China. In the near future, Rovio will also release an update that will introduce a Halloween
new bird edition which is still a secret.

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