Monday, 22 October 2012

The "Crazy" mission of Baumgartner Falls from stratosphere is Success

Felix Baumgartner, the Austrian skydiver, managed to carry out his mission skydiving world record. According to AP reports, Monday (15/10/2012) early morning local time, the man had landed.
Baumgartner plunge in a blimp. His fall finally done after two delays on Monday (08/10/2012) and Tuesday (09/10/2012). Delay before forced to do because of the wind that would interfere with the jump.
About three hours before the article is derived, the BBC reported that Baumgartner balloon began to rise into the atmosphere leaving the launch site in Roswell, New Mexico, USA. Will air balloon to the height of 38.6 km from the sea.
Baumgartner jumps back up to reach the Earth's surface to within about 10 minutes. Half of the trip was taken with the motion of free fall speed 1110 km / h speed of sound through the aliases. Thereafter, the parachute will open.
With this jump, Baumgartner set three records at once. The first is to become the first man to move up through the speed of sound without the aid of any tools. Automatically, he is also a parachutist with the highest speed.
Another record, Baumgartner also a parachutist with the highest point of the jump. Record for the highest jump spot is held by Joe Kittinger of the U.S. Air Force who jumped from an altitude of 31.3 km above sea level.
Baumgartner faced a number of challenges. He is risking his life. The pressure at the height of the jump is less than 2 percent of the pressure at sea level. Temperature is also very low. If specialized clothing is damaged, it can be affected by symptoms ebullism aka blood boiling.
Not to mention the matter of jumping technique. If you jump to the wrong position, it will move in circles. Motion at high speed rotation potentially damage the cardiovascular system, brain, and eyes.
Recent reports AP a few minutes ago stating that the jump was successful. Baumgartner managed to land in a desert in eastern New Mexico after starting the journey from the heights that have entered the stratosphere.
AP reported, shortly after landing, Baumgartner raised arm as a sign of victory. Record-breaking mission successfully done perfectly. Baumgartner returned safely.

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