Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Welcome Windows 8

Microsoft finally released the latest operating system Windows 8 in BUILD conference attended by thousands of application developers in Anaheim, California, on Tuesday (13/09/2011). President of Microsoft's Windows Division, Stefen Sinofsky said Windows 8 as the major changes since Windows 95.
"It was like a different system," Sinofsky said that previously had experienced lead the development of Windows 7. "Fast, flexible, fresh, and full of energy," he said. In his presentation, he explained that Windows 8 will indeed offer a new experience compared to the previous operating system that supports full-featured touch screen and can be used in all kinds of good devices and tablet PCs.
From the new view, the operating system presents a fresh menu like Windows Phone 7. The first screen presents a collection of information directly from the applications in use and the menus are arranged neatly with a design called the Metro. From the start menu, its consumer can also directly access the list of friends in social networking and menus favorites sufficiently shift the screen with the touch of a finger.
This software also supports various hardware platforms. Unlike previous Windows versions that support only the x86 processor architecture, Windows 8 also supports the ARM chip that is widely used in tablet devices generally. Form of devices will be much more sleek and thin and will have a longer battery life.
Sinofsky ensure that all the software that runs on Windows 7 will also be used on Windows 8. Slightly different is the approach in terms of users to access multiple types of applications. If the previous operating system to force users always open the application one by one, on Windows 8 has inter-application collaboration began to be applied. For example through a feature that allows users to access
email information, Twitter, and social networking in one view.
Currently, Windows 8 are newly introduced to the developers because the new version of the developer preview. There is no certainty when this software will begin to be distributed to the market. Still have to go through the beta, release candidate, and release to manufacturing, before being distributed. "We make sure the quality first and it is not dependent on deadlines," says Sinofsky.
Sources: MSNBC

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