Monday, 5 September 2011

Baidu challenges Google with New Software Platform

The search engine giant of China, Baidu is now challenging on Google with the launch of a new software platform.

Baidu Yi is the name of the new software with Baidu Inc. They want to expand their mobile services and to attract more mobile users released.

Yi Baidu users can use directly from mobile phones to access services. Software is already installed on the phone with Android, Google's home-made operating system.

For Vice-President of Baidu, Jing Wang, the software in the future will also be compatible with other operating systems, though, if rejected his own version of the operating system comment.

Wang also reluctant to name the handset manufacturers that provide such software on their mobile phones to agree to install this. To be sure, the Yi Baidu is the production of gold from the treasury of the company.

Baidu itself has successfully undermined the Google stock because Google moved its Google China to Hong Kong in 2010 on the issue of censorship and piracy in China, as the Wall Street Journal quoted on Tuesday (06/09/2011).

Besides introducing a new software platform, Baidu also recently launched a new website design with additional features such as an area for downloading the application.

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