Friday, 9 September 2011

Apple and Samsung are Most Satisfying Consumers

Apple achieved the highest rank in the list of the most satisfying consumer smartphones. While Samsung won title at the feature phone category.

These results obtained from a survey conducted by JD Power which measures customer satisfaction with mobile based by size, screen quality, battery life and speed performance. The survey was conducted in the United States.

In the smartphone category, Apple ranked on first with a score of 839 beat the HTC which is in a second position with a score of 801. Samsung is on third by a score of 777.

As for feature phones, Samsung won the champion with a score of 718. Quoted from Cnet, on Friday (09/09/2011), LG is under Samsung with the acquisition score of 717. In third position is Sanyo.

This is the criteria phones that get the highest ranking from JD Power:

- Weight: 5 ounces or less for smartphones; 3.5 ounces for the feature phone.
- Thickness: For smartphones, less than 0.45 inch,
- Touch screen: Smartphone will get better ratings if it only has a touch screen.
- Processor: Mobile phones with a chip that could process data quickly gets more value.
- Screen: the higher rating will be obtained by the device that has high tech screen like Super AMOLED.
- Camera: To achieve a high rating, the phone must have at least a powerful 5 MP camera.

If those criterias are broken down, to traditional phone alias feature phone, the key factors that determine customer satisfaction views of performance (31%), ease of operation (24%), physical design (24%) and features (20%). As for the smartphone, it is seen from the performance (35%), ease of operation (24%), features (21%), and physical design (20%).

"It is not surprising that the highest satisfaction gained from a high-tech tools and features that are qualified," said Kirk Parsons of JD Power and Associates.


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