Friday, 30 September 2011

Samsung Prepare 16 MP sensor for phones

Samsung claims to have set up a special camera sensor for mobile phones and tablet with a resolution of around 16 MP. This product will be mass produced beginning early 2012.

The image quality of the shots are not always determined by the size of the lens, but still, it is always needed in the world of photography.

Based on that, Samsung plans to mass produce an image sensor of 16 MP CMOS designed for cell phones or tablets. It is expected to further enchance the
the photo quality of two gadgets with a pocket camera.

Quoted from tomshardware, Friday (09/30/2011), the sensor glow S5K2P1 it also offers good video quality. Samsung claims can record up to 8.3 MP resolution with an average of 60 frames per second (FPS), and 16 MP at 30 FPS without any lag.

In addition to cell phones and tablet Samsung also claims the chip is suitable for a pocket camera. Therefore, the results of the drawing process for both the low light in the room.

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