Sunday, 18 September 2011

Ebay Opens Store for Developer

eBay increasingly spread its wings. Leading auction site is to build a new division to attract developers of applications and attract more merchants or sellers of goods and services.

Unlike the other business units such as PayPal and eBay GSI Commerce is working in the realm of buying and selling and servicing, the fourth business unit, X.commerce, trying to hook developers to create applications for merchants.

Applications made ​​by the developers on a site located at can be designed to work on the eBay site. It seems that eBay tried to integrate all the services he had. All applications will have the ability of PayPal payments and work with Magento, e-commerce company's new open source eBay bought last June.

The goal is clear, as reported by Reuters and quoted on Saturday (09/17/2011), the more useful applications are built by developers through X.commerce, will make more and more merchants are using the eBay marketplace, PayPal payment technology and e-commerce services GSI .

"The idea is indirectly generate more money from the PayPal eBay's main assets, the GSI and the marketplace itself," said Matthew Mengerink who had worked at eBay and now runs X.commerce.

"X.commerce are in a unique position. I do not gain control, I control the traffic," he said.

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